Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crescent City Brewhouse - 2/12/11

Our next stop on the journey took us to New Orleans. For a city that prides itself on its food and hospitality, the Crescent City Brewhouse failed on both levels. The Brewhouse Caesar Salad could just as well come from a bag at the local grocery store. Edible, but unimaginative. The bread they served up was tasty, but became increasingly unappetizing as a mysterious green substance was found contained therein. My Decatur St. burger was nothing more than a cafeteria burger that was very poorly disguised. To add insult to injury, the service was inattentive and haphazard. In the midst of our dinner, and without genuine apology, half of our table was stolen to give to another patron. We ended up having to borrow a chair from a nearby table to have room for our condiments, etc. If half the energy was invested in the food as was put into writing the menu this place could have been really good. We liked the decor and the jazz band, but not enough to erase the bad memories of this overpriced McDonalds. Seeing it as we drove by, tired and hungry, we had such high hopes. Too bad they were dashed like a bottle slipping from the hand of a reveler on Bourbon Street.

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